Corelight: Unify endpoint and network telemetry for any SIEM

Corelight: Unify endpoint and network telemetry for any SIEM


Register today to join us for this live panel discussion on Thursday, 22nd February at 10 a.m. GMT / 11 a.m. CET.

What happens on the endpoint doesn’t stay on the endpoint. To effectively defend against advanced threats and lateral movement, you need visibility beyond individual devices. By using Cribl’s enrichment and routing capabilities to combine Corelight’s comprehensive network telemetry with your EDR telemetry, you can gain comprehensive visibility of what happens on and in between all of the devices on your network. Join our webinar to learn how the combined solution expands visibility, bolsters detection, and accelerates investigations while maintaining data fidelity.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Consolidate IDS, PCAP, and other network sources to provide a single comprehensive source of network telemetry
  • Correlate, enrich, and route both endpoint (EDR) and network (NDR) data into your SIEM
  • Enable real-time threat detection and seamless ingestion, normalization, and enrichment of security data into any SIEM