What It Means to Be Customer-Obsessed

What It Means to Be Customer-Obsessed

At Amazon, Jeff Bezos was famous for having an empty chair in the meeting room that represented the customer.

I admire him for that because as the organization grows, it's easy to have meetings that are so focused on metrics, KPIs, internal execution, etc. that you lose sight of the customer.

Here’s how we practice being customer-obsessed at SecurityScorecard:

We make sure that we start every meeting by sharing customer insights, such as:

  • How well are we serving customers?
  • How can we improve the services we’re offering them?
  • How will our work empower and transform them in the future?

Only after that do we get to other things, such as reviewing the metrics.

That’s how we ensure that we put the customer at the forefront of every conversation we have and every decision we make.


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