Trustwave: Attack Surface Management: Challenges, Myths, and Solutions

Trustwave: Attack Surface Management: Challenges, Myths, and Solutions


In today's highly connected and digitized world, cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and persistent. As a result, organizations need to adopt a proactive and strategic approach to security to protect their assets and reduce their risk of cyberattacks.

Attack surface management is a key strategy designed to help businesses identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities and exposures. By taking a contextual view of threats and focusing on understanding what's exposed, organizations can develop a process for determining and reducing risk.

In this webinar, we are pleased to bring together three of the highly respected cybersecurity leaders featured in the recent ebook, 8 Experts on the Myths of Attack Surface Management, to share their expertise and insights on how to build a strong and resilient security posture. Our experts will share their experiences and best practices for effective attack surface management.

During the session, our experts will dispel myths surrounding attack surface management and explain how this strategy can help businesses gain a contextual view of threats, identify and prioritize risks, and develop a process for reducing exposures. They will also provide practical insights on how to build cyber resilience from the ground up, including exposure management as a fully integrated solution to reduce business risk.

Join us for this exclusive session, Attack Surface Management: Challenges, Myths, and Solutions, to gain valuable insights and actionable advice from industry leaders, including:

  • Barry Coatesworth, Guidehouse Director of Risk, Compliance, and Security
  • Kory Daniels, Trustwave CISO
  • Ed Williams, Trustwave VP of Pen Testing