Tigera: Amazon EKS Security Bootcamp: Implement runtime security

Tigera: Amazon EKS Security Bootcamp: Implement runtime security


Attend this in-depth, hands-on, Amazon EKS focused security workshop with Amazon AWS and Calico experts to learn how to protect containers in your Kubernetes cluster from known and zero-day threats based container and network attacks running on Amazon EKS. The 90-minute interactive lab comes with your own provisioned Calico Cloud environment and a sample application.

You will leave this workshop with hands-on experience on how to:

  • Deploy Amazon EKS blueprint add-on of Calico Operator to roll out networking and security policies
  • Visualize security posture of your Kubernetes cluster
  • Preview and customize security guardrails for network-based threats
  • Configure IDS/IPS, workload-centric WAF, and DDoS protection
  • Detect zero-day attacks based on suspicious container activity
  • Preview and enforce security policies to quarantine infected workloads

We have limited the number of participants for this workshop to ensure that each participant can receive adequate attention.

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