ThreatQuotient: Unifying Cyber Defense Teams with Shared Threat Data

ThreatQuotient: Unifying Cyber Defense Teams with Shared Threat Data


The ThreatQ platform is designed to improve security operations workflows by delivering immediate and significant value across multiple use cases to include data management, prioritization, integrations, collaboration, and curated threat data sharing.

ThreatQ provides the ability to securely share curated threat data between organizations automatically. Whether to block an IP, detonate a malicious file, or alert an organization to a possible new threat actor in hours instead of days, weeks, or months, the level of sharing through ThreatQ is immensely valuable in unifying cyber defense teams.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate:

  • The efficiency of de-duplicating and prioritizing threat data to act as a filter before sending to a SIEM
  • Reducing the number of false positives analysts must investigate
  • Investigating and enriching event matches from prioritized threat data
  • The benefits to secure threat sharing using ThreatQ Data Exchange

The ThreatQ platform is actively being leveraged within the DoD to share known malicious hash values and their related indicators to several organizations within the Federal Government.