Styra: Accelerate Secure Infrastructure Deployments

Styra: Accelerate Secure Infrastructure Deployments


See how to get started using the broadest policy library for Kubernetes, Terraform, and CloudFormation.

As platform teams take on more responsibility to enable developers to build and deploy there is a growing pressure to do this with reduced risk, and enterprise-level compliance and performance. If your deployments are slowed down by compliance requirements or you are worried every time you run Terraform apply that you might break security rules, there are options for you to work differently. Given today’s threat landscape, strict regulatory environment, and the reality that developers can and often inadvertently make mistakes with self-service infrastructure, we are working to offer platform teams a new option.

As the leader in cloud-native authorization, Styra accelerates secure, compliant cloud-native infrastructure deployments by providing enterprise platform engineering teams with an essential authorization toolset featuring the broadest library of validated policies for Kubernetes, Terraform, and CloudFormation.

Join this webinar to learn how you can:

  • Accelerate secure deployments across multiple technology stacks including K8s, terraform, and CloudFormation
  • Get up and running quickly with pre-built policies, then easily see the impact of policy changes
  • What common security and compliance can be mitigated using Styra DAS