Splunk: Detect and Prevent Fraud With Splunk

Splunk: Detect and Prevent Fraud With Splunk


What is your organization doing to protect against fraudulent activity? Have you taken the necessary measures to reduce monetary loss, keep your customer and brand reputation high while keeping organizational efficiencies on track? What about staying ahead of fraudsters and bots impersonating humans?
Organizations from hospitals & banks to government agencies have to manage all of this whilst meeting strict compliance guidelines, managing data and IT cybersecurity and more... How do they do it?

Join Matthew Joseff, Director of Security Specialisation at Splunk on Tuesday December 7, to learn:

  • The different types of fraud encountered in healthcare, financial services, government and the private sector.
  • What are we protecting and how?
  • The Importance of Data in detecting fraud
  • How the Splunk platform can help you fight fraud regardless of your organization’s security maturity level.
  • A demonstration of what fighting fraud looks like within the Splunk analytics-driven security platform.

Register today to learn how Splunk can help you protect your organization against fraud.