Snyk: The State of Infrastructure as Code Security

Snyk: The State of Infrastructure as Code Security


The adoption of infrastructure-as-code and configuration-as-code is soaring with the rising popularity of technologies like Kubernetes and Terraform. This means that designing and deploying infrastructure is a developer task, even if your “developer” is an infrastructure architect, and, just like application code, configurations can use test-driven methodologies to automate security prior to deployment.

But how many companies actually do automate and test all their configurations before deployment? And does it really make a difference when problems do occur? Snyk recently conducted a survey to gauge how organizations are adopting IaC technologies -- and more importantly, securing them.
Join this webinar as we share findings and discuss security best practices along the way.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Security testing throughout the CI pipeline,
  • Misconfiguration trends,
  • IaC remediation patterns, and more.