Snyk: Fast or Secure? You Can Only Pick Two

Snyk: Fast or Secure? You Can Only Pick Two


The holy grail of DevSecOps is providing engineering teams all the speed and efficiency they want, while at the same time giving security teams the strong security they need.

There’s really no need to choose between speed and security with fully automated software risk assessment.

As developers we don't want to have to wait for security scans to be completed. We want real-time vulnerability detection in our pre-production environment, with no false positives. Security teams get 100% visibility into risks anywhere in production, including third-party applications that haven't gone through pre-production inspection.

Using a sample application, in this deep dive hack session run by Snyk, Dynatrace and Cprime experts, you’ll see how developers and security teams achieve:

  • Security that starts as far left as possible
  • Vulnerability management seamlessly integrated into Bitbucket and Jira workflows
  • A production view of vulnerabilities to avoid the security blind spots

Who Should Attend?

Developers, operators and security teams and leaders who need to deliver secure solutions in the cloud at a speed that matters.