Rubrik: Meet the Ransomware Response Team: Public Sector

Rubrik: Meet the Ransomware Response Team: Public Sector


As ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent and expensive, protecting your data needs to become a critical component of your security posture.

But simply securing your production environment is not enough. Bad actors are constantly shifting their attack strategies, encrypting production data AND often targeting backups too. That’s why implementing a strong data security platform is a key component of building a solid security posture— to be sure there are no gaps in your cybersecurity defense.

During this demonstration you will learn:

  • What happens when Rubrik is engaged during a ransomware attack and get an understanding of the process our response team undergoes during a typical, real ransomware scenario
  • How to be more proactive in securing your environment using the tooling available through Rubrik, with a quick walkthrough of Ransomware Investigation, Threat Hunting, Sensitive Data Discovery and Data Security Command Center.