KnowBe4: Customizing Your Compliance Training to Increase Effectiveness

KnowBe4: Customizing Your Compliance Training to Increase Effectiveness


Linking compliance training to specific outcomes is hard. Compliance training has a reputation for being challenging for organizations to offer and difficult to do right, leading to unengaged employees.

It’s time for a new approach to compliance training. Compliance Plus is new-school compliance training that’s engaging, short and customizable. With a constant cadence of always fresh, up-to-date training content, you can stay on top of your compliance requirements.

Join us for a 30-minute demonstration of Compliance Plus, where you learn best practices from the world’s largest provider of security awareness and compliance training.

With Compliance Plus you can:

  • Brand training content and add your own custom videos to engage your learners
  • Customize your compliance training campaigns to meet your organizational needs
  • Increase your compliance training effectiveness using real-life simulated scenarios
  • Easily link compliance training efforts to real and specific outcomes within your KnowBe4 console

Find out how adding Compliance Plus helps you set up a fully automated compliance training program in a matter of minutes!