KnowBe4: All The Ways the Internet is Surveilling You

KnowBe4: All The Ways the Internet is Surveilling You


Your personal information is continuously harvested and analyzed by countless data brokers eager to sell to the highest bidder. From your name and online activities to your employment details and even your real-time location — all are available to interested parties.

Join us for this webinar with Roger A. Grimes, Data-Driven Security Evangelist at KnowBe4, as he discusses the extensive surveillance enabled by the internet, the risks of your personal data falling into the hands of malicious entities, and methods to protect yourself.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The various ways you are being surveilled, including through "free" GPS-enabled apps you've downloaded
  • How your digital footprint is commodified and utilized by social engineers
  • Techniques to detect signs of surveillance
  • Effective strategies to protect yourself from malicious tracking and defend against the tactics of social engineering

Learn ways to keep your online information safe and protect yourself against malicious scams. Plus, you’ll earn continuing professional education (CPE) credits for attending!