Cyberint: Blue Dawn for Hacktivism

Cyberint: Blue Dawn for Hacktivism


The Russia-Ukraine conflict has introduced us to a new era in which anyone can pick up a keyboard and join a cause they see fit. Groups like BlueHornet emerged as a result and caused havoc to anyone they saw as responsible. This reality raises many questions - will wars rise and fall in the decision of hacktivists instead of governments? Are we as a society legitimized this phenomenon, and where do we draw the line?

In this webinar we will learn about:

  • The past and future of Cyber Hacktivism
  • Up to date brief on the latest activities following the war in Ukraine
  • Detailed summary of the new Blue Hornet group
  • So much more

Our speakers, Anastasia Plotkin and Shmuel Gihon , are two of Cyberint's top security experts, with extensive cyber security experience.

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