AT&T Cybersecurity: Webcast series: How digital transformation is driving cloud security

AT&T Cybersecurity: Webcast series: How digital transformation is driving cloud security


The broad and often decentralized adoption of cloud services is achieving one business objective at the expense of another. Digital transformation initiatives that utilize cloud services are yielding operational agility and enabling new business models. However, the sheer velocity of cloud adoption, and the complexity of hybrid, multi-cloud environments has introduced additional cyber risk. As a result, many companies are experiencing a cloud security readiness gap, an inability to effectively help to protect organization’s use of cloud services.

As organizations accelerate and increase the use of digital and cloud solutions to maintain business continuity and competitiveness, cybersecurity leaders must address new and heightened cyber risk concerns surrounding such rapid change.

Join us for this educational three-part webcast series that explores current challenges, trends, and best practices for highly securing public cloud environments that impact the fundamental people, process, and technology facets of cybersecurity programs. Expert speakers from AT&T Cybersecurity and ESG will offer a way forward for cybersecurity teams to close their company’s cloud security readiness gap at the pace of transformation.

June 3, 2020 – Part One: Closing the cloud security readiness gap with Doug Cahill, ESG Vice President and Group Director, Cybersecurity

June 10, 2020 – Part Two: Emerging cloud security trends and opportunities to watch with Derrick Johnson, AT&T Cybersecurity

June 17, 2020 – Part Three: Best practices to help detect threats across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, including a technical demo

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