New York, NY, USA
Sep 12, 2023   |  By Dean Pe'er
We're thrilled to announce that starting this week, Entitle has made its debut on the prestigious AWS Marketplace. This is a significant milestone that promises to improve cloud access management for AWS customers. ‍
Sep 4, 2023   |  By Dean Pe'er
The New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) Cybersecurity Regulation, commonly referred to as NYCRR 500, lays out stringent cybersecurity requirements that financial companies operating in New York must adhere to. To navigate the complex landscape of NYCRR 500, companies are turning to innovative solutions like Entitle to streamline compliance efforts and bolster their cybersecurity posture. ‍
Aug 28, 2023   |  By Ron Nissim
In this conversation, Phillip Wylie is joined by Ron Nissim, the CEO of Entitle. They delve into the dynamic world of authentication and privilege access management, exploring the significance of automation and simplification in securing our digital landscape. They dive into the future of authorization and how innovative solutions like Entitle are reshaping the way we protect our data and systems.
Aug 21, 2023   |  By Dean Pe'er
As organizations navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing and digital transformation, security remains a top priority. With the exponential growth of users, devices, and data in cloud environments, effective identity and access management is crucial to maintaining a strong security posture.
Aug 14, 2023   |  By Dean Pe'er
For decades the principle of least privilege has been a fundamental component of cybersecurity. The principle of least privilege revolves around granting users the minimum level of access necessary to perform their tasks, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.
Aug 7, 2023   |  By Dean Pe'er
As the digital landscape expands, organizations are facing a complex challenge: managing access to an ever-growing number of resources, applications, and services. The traditional approach of using identity groups to handle access control is becoming increasingly untenable. So, let's explore the causes behind role explosion and discuss the need for a paradigm shift towards a more scalable and efficient access management strategy. ‍
Jul 31, 2023   |  By Dean Pe'er
In today's digital landscape, where data breaches and security threats are a constant concern, ensuring least privilege access is of utmost importance for companies operating in the cloud. Granting the principle of least privilege to employees helps minimize the risk of unauthorized access, accidental misuse, and insider threats. However, achieving and maintaining least privilege access can be challenging, often resulting in manual processes, delays, and potential security gaps.
Jul 24, 2023   |  By Avi Zetser
Selecting an identity management solution is a critically important decision for any software organization. Identity management is a foundational component of good cloud security and can either be an enabler for scalability or a huge technical debt sink. Many organizations start with AWS by quickly throwing together their IAM infrastructure: some users, a few roles, and some policies.
Jul 17, 2023   |  By Dean Pe'er
The concept of privileged access management (PAM) has evolved over time, starting with the idea of role-based access control (RBAC) where permissions are assigned based on job roles. However, organizations soon realized that defining concrete roles for individuals was challenging due to the flexible and evolving nature of businesses. This led to the need for automating the access request process and empowering employees to self-serve and elevate their access based on their needs.
Jul 10, 2023   |  By Ron Nissim
CEO and Co-Founder of Entitle, Ron Nissim recently had the opportunity to be a guest speaker on the renowned podcast, "Identity at the Center." Hosted by industry experts Jim McDonald and Jeff Steadman, this informative podcast focuses on identity security within the context of identity and access management (IAM). With their extensive experience in the field, Jim and Jeff bring listeners insightful conversations, industry news, and interviews with key figures from the identity management industry.

Entitle is a cloud permission management platform that automates how access is requested, granted, and audited. Deployed in minutes with 100+ SaaS/IaaS integrations. Automate how permissions are requested, granted, and managed to eliminate bottlenecks and enable robust least privilege access programs.

Reduce risk and workload by automating cloud permissioning:

  • Limit access to sensitive SaaS/IaaS resources: Enable controlled, self-serving privileged access. Auto revoked after a set duration, ticket resolution, or on-call rotation.
  • Reduce access request support tickets by 85%: Automate access request resolutions when you can, and provide context for all other requests.
  • Grant & revoke bulk permissions for joiners / movers / leavers: Set group users and resources, and enable one-click on/offboarding for employees and 3rd parties.
  • Automate tasks needed for access reviews: Fill in compliance reports faster by automatically collecting evidence and delegating reviews to business managers.

Limit cloud access without pushback.