Torq: Intro to Torq: What to Automate First in Your SOC

Torq: Intro to Torq: What to Automate First in Your SOC


For most organizations, there isn’t much debate about whether to incorporate automation across the business. From DevOps to self-serve IT help desks, automation has become a routine part of daily operations, and the SOC is no different.

The greater challenge is knowing what to automate, and how to do it right. There are so many opportunities, many teams feel a sense of “choice paralysis”—feeling overwhelmed by figuring out where to start and what tools to incorporate, or far more daunting, determining who in the organization has the skillset to develop the automations.

At Torq, we help teams make these decisions every day. Using our no-code automation platform, security teams can be up and running with their first workflow in as little as a few hours. The secret to making it work is our template library. These pre-built elements comprise everything from individual steps and logical operators to complete workflows across multiple services.

Join us for a webinar as we show you how to begin your automation journey using our no-code workflow builder and template library. We’ll offer helpful guidance on:

  • How to plan your automation strategy and build your roadmap
  • Where to start if you know you need to automate, but aren’t sure how to begin
  • How to ensure your automations are optimized for industry best practices