Torq: Intro to Torq: Chatbots

Torq: Intro to Torq: Chatbots


The challenges and workloads facing today’s security teams are not getting easier, but the response methods of security teams are still manual, utilizing a patchwork of security tools that are not connected nor communicating with each other. What if you could utilize your organization’s most common communication tool (i.e. Slack) to bring security communications and operations into every part of your organization?

Torq’s powerful, no-code automation platform makes it easy to integrate chatbots into your security operations, bringing security outside of a traditional SOAR platform (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) and into tools commonly used across teams and workspaces.

Join us for an introductory series to Torq, continuing with ChatBot Automations. See how in only ten minutes you can integrate your existing enterprise tools with Torq and even transform your communication tools into powerful security-focused Command Line Interfaces (CLI).

Register today, and see how Torq can perform these tasks:

  • Chat Ops (i.e. Slack) integration for incoming and outgoing communications
  • Enabling your Chat Ops as your CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • Threat intelligence gathering