Redscan: Enhancing visibility, coverage and context

Redscan: Enhancing visibility, coverage and context


Find out why next-gen endpoint security is now vital to detect and respond to the latest threats.

Defence evasion, more aggressive ransomware tactics, and targeted attacks on remote workers. These are just some of the adversarial trends we’ve seen in 2020 that make detecting and responding to the latest threats both more challenging and more important than ever.

Register to attend this upcoming Redscan webinar to learn what the changing landscape means for the security of your business and why next-generation endpoint security is now essential to help identify and respond to malicious activity as early as possible.

Hosted by George Glass, Redscan’s Head of Threat Intelligence.


  • Why a deep level of endpoint visibility is now required to detect the latest threats
  • The reasons traditional antivirus solutions fail to stop the latest types of ransomware
  • How endpoint telemetry improves threat coverage and situational awareness
  • How our Managed Detection and Response service leverages NGAV and EDR tools to accelerate threat detection and response

This webinar is scheduled for 45 minutes, including time for Q&A.