Bulletproof: How to Manage a Modern Cyber Security Strategy

Bulletproof: How to Manage a Modern Cyber Security Strategy


Can SIEM evolve to keep your cyber defences relevant?
Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn how human talent can transfer raw logs into actionable security outcomes
  • Discover what data to capture to make a SIEM proactive not reactive
  • Uncover the truth about machine learning and if it’s people or products that matter most
  • Understand what your team needs to do to effectively tackle evolving cyber threats

With modern businesses adopting cloud and container technologies, the corporate response to security has been mostly reactive - adapting defences once attacks have already landed. As security breaches increase, companies need to start adopting a more proactive approach to defence. This webinar will investigate whether SIEM technologies are still key to a robust and cost-effective security strategy and will highlight the essential tactics required to drive better value for both SME and enterprise security.

Our MD, Oli Pinson-Roxburgh, will discuss the risks and pitfalls of traditional SIEMs and address the main considerations when investing in the future of your company’s cyber protection.

This webinar will be of interest to those looking to modernise their security strategy, evaluate SIEM options, and get the best value from their security investment.