The Global Real-Time Payments Evolution

In June, our team participated in The 2021 Payments Canada Summit, Canada’s premier payments conference. One of the main topics raised at The SUMMIT was the future of payments: why real-time payments (RTP) will be a game-changer for Canadians and the financial industry. The trend towards instant and faster payments is a global one. While Real-time Rail (RTR) is expected to go live in Canada in 2022, other regions have been using RTP for several years.


How to Prevent Man-In-The-Middle Attacks and Fight Financial Fraud

You just started reading this blog post. But are you reading it alone? Or is there a “man in the middle” watching and recording everything you do online? While it may sound like a plot from a Hollywood blockbuster, the reality is far from amusing. A man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack can quickly occur when an unsuspecting victim joins the same public Wi-Fi network as a malicious attacker, for example, at a cafe.

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6 Ways to Support a Remote DevOps Team

Remote working is here to stay, so it's vital that businesses understand how to get the best out of their staff. For some roles, working remotely is easier than others - DevOps employees, for example, can face challenges if they're not fully supported within the organisation. In a distributed workforce, there's a higher risk of security issues and application problems, so it's crucial that organisations support them to keep the organisation running smoothly. Here are 6 ways to do just that.

EventSentry on GitHub: PowerShell module, templates and more!

Since we’ve accumulated a lot of resources around EventSentry that are updated frequently, we’ve decided to launch a GitHub page where anyone can access and download scripts, configuration templates, screen backgrounds and our brand-new PowerShell module that is still under development.


The Payments Canada SUMMIT: Making the Vision of Modernization a Reality

A couple of weeks ago The Payments Canada SUMMIT gathered more than 2,000 delegates from financial institutions in Canada and around the world for a virtual one-week conference. INETCO was a sponsor of Canada’s premier payments event. Our team participated in industry discussions, met peers, and learned more about future innovation opportunities in the financial ecosystem. 2021 was a record-breaking year for The Payments Canada SUMMIT.


The Real-time Payments Journey in North America: Challenges and Opportunities

Last year, we observed a surge in global real-time payment (RTP) transactions, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and changes in customer behavior. A recent Aite Group report highlighted the global importance of instant (real-time) payments that have had an impressive impact on the financial industry, with implementations spreading quickly around the world. In North America, 2021 might be the breakthrough year when financial institutions will migrate to RTP networks in record numbers.


Superior Integrity Monitoring: Getting Beyond Checkbox FIM

If File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) were easy, everyone would be doing it. Actually, it is pretty easy. It’s not exactly rocket science. Practically anyone with a modicum of Python, Perl or development skills can write an app or a script to gather the checksum of a file, compare it to a list or baseline, and tell you whether or not said file has changed.

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Top Events You Should Always Audit & Monitor

Anybody who’s looked for answers on the Internet has likely stumbled across a “TOP X LISTS”: The “10 things famous people do every day”, “Top 10 stocks to by”, the “20 books you have to read” are just some examples of the myriad of lists that are out there offering answers. You may have even stumbled upon a few “Top 10 (or 12) Events To Monitor” articles too.


Top 5 Payment Fraud Types Banks and Merchants Should Be Aware of in 2021

Hallowe’en is still months away, but Frankenstein is out trick-or-treating even as you read this, and the operative word here is “trick”. Payment fraud criminals continue playing their games with financial institutions’ (FIs) customers and online merchants.

Combining Monitoring Approaches For Well-Rounded FIM | Tips & Tricks Ep.2

Traditional, agent-based monitoring from Tripwire® Enterprise brings best-in-breed file integrity monitoring (FIM) to your organization’s IT infrastructure. In regular practice, an agent is deployed to a supported operating system to facilitate asset monitoring. But how do you enforce FIM on operating systems that have reached their end-of-life for support, or endpoints that aren’t able to have agents installed?