Data Security


Is Microsoft Teams HIPAA Compliant?

Microsoft Teams, and subsequently Microsoft, likely need no introduction. The popular collaboration tool launched in 2016, providing organizations with a powerful way to communicate and share information within the Microsoft ecosystem. Tools like Teams have only become more important post-COVID with teams being hybrid, decentralized, and distributed.


ICYM: 4 lessons for securing codebases from secrets exfiltration

Last month we hosted a webinar dedicated to discussing the issue of codebase security. As trends like secrets and credential exfiltration continue to be of concern within systems like GitHub, threats, such as cryptojacking and supply side attacks, have become more of a problem. This makes understanding key aspects of codebase security very important. That’s why we pulled out 4 lessons from our recent session that developers and security engineers must know.


What is Data Leakage? Data Leak Prevention Tips

Data leaks can happen in many ways, and they’re surprisingly common. For example, a company might be hacked by cybercriminals; someone may lose their laptop with sensitive information; employee records could get lost during the relocation process. It doesn’t take much for sensitive information to get into the wrong hands. In fact, research has found that more than half of all data leakages come from human errors like typos and lost files.


The NIST Cybersecurity Framework: Security Checklist And Best Practices

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is part of the US Department of Commerce and was founded in 1901. NIST was originally established to help the U.S. industry become more competitive with economic rivals and peers, such as the UK and Germany. NIST prioritizes developing measurements, metrics, and standards for technology used in different industries.


Prevent secrets, credentials, and PII leaking in application logs with the Nightfall Developer Platform

Infosec leaders have a lot of corners to cover in their cybersecurity strategy. When crafting the tactics and onboarding the platforms that will protect sensitive information, the checklist of requirements could be missing a very important vector for attack, compliance risk or data loss: application logs.


Preventing data loss in data warehouses with the Nightfall Developer Platform

Data warehouses power your data analysis and business intelligence operations so you can level up your knowledge and progress toward bigger business goals. Like any key component of your tech stack, using data warehouses effectively also requires care and caution — especially when uploading and sharing sensitive information.


GLBA Compliance Checklist: Keeping Financial Data Safe And Secure

GLBA compliance isn’t something to take lightly. These measures are strictly enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In 2018, for instance, Venmo and its parent company PayPal reached a settlement after complaints about the company’s handling of privacy disclosures. The peer-to-peer payment app had 150 days to adhere to GLBA compliance, or it faced fines of up $41,484 per violation.


Demoing the Netskope and Mimecast DLP Integration

Protecting the data of an organization is a complex task. Data is the crown jewel of any organization which the adversaries continuously seek to get their hands on. Data is threatened both by external attackers and internal threats. Sometimes the threats are malicious, and in many cases, they are accidental. Both these cases have to be addressed by modern enterprise security departments.


Protecting Your Online Privacy: Three Levels of Security

Data leaks happen once every few months at least. Millions of users can have their phone number, address, and Social Security Number smeared across the internet in a matter of seconds. Your online browsing behavior is also sold legally by tech companies to the highest bidder. Ever seen an ad that is a little too specific? Most major tech companies rely on some form of data harvesting for revenue. As consumers, should we do anything? Can we do anything?