Data Breaches


11 of the worst data breaches in 2021 so far

It’s no secret that Covid-19 has accelerated the number of cyber-attacks and data breaches witnessed across the globe. Increased reliance on technology as the world worked, shopped and socialised from home increased the surface area for attackers, who capitalised on a growing amount of PII (personally identifiable information) available across the internet.


5 Key Cybersecurity Considerations for Insurance Companies

The connected nature of business environments has increased the severity and frequency of cyberattacks in the insurance sector. Insurance companies face a greater threat than most industries because they deal with sensitive and valuable data stemming from numerous avenues. This has resulted in several high-profile cyberattacks on insurance providers over the past few years.


New Bill Could Force U.S. Businesses to Report Data Breaches Quicker

A bipartisan Senate bill would require some businesses to report data breaches to law enforcement within 24 hours or face financial penalties and the loss of government contracts. The legislation from Senate Intelligence Chair and Democratic Senator Mark Warner with Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Susan Collins is just one of several new cybersecurity bills that will likely be debated this year. If passed, the bill could require certain U.S.


Kroll 2021 data breach outlook: "under-attacked" industries feel the heat

Kroll’s 2021 Data Breach Outlook has identified a 140% increase in data breach notification cases from 2019 to 2020. Industries such as healthcare, education and financial services, which were the most impacted in 2019, continued to be hard hit in 2020 and, so far, in 2021 too. However, the greatest increases occurred in industries that were generally spared in 2019. Data attacks became broader and deeper during the COVID-19 pandemic, a trend that has continued throughout the recovery.


Don't Let Attackers Crumble Your Cookies: Electronic Arts Breach Lessons

Leading American video game company Electronic Arts (EA) recently disclosed a breach that resulted in the theft of hundreds of gigabytes of data. The exfiltrated information included source code and software that power popular games like FIFA and Battlefield. What’s notable about this attack is that the attackers gained access to EA’s infrastructure through stolen Slack cookies that contained cached employee login credentials.


Critical Data Breach Stats for Australian Businesses in 2021

If you're an Australian business reading this, there's a 30% chance you will suffer a data breach. Such cutthroat statistics, as uncomfortable as they are to read, are important to be aware of if you want to avoid becoming one. To help you achieve a data-driven approach to cybersecurity, we've aggregated some of the most critical data breach stats for Australian businesses. This list also includes global data breach statistics that could be a window into Australia's future modified threat landscape.


[Infographics] Data Breach Statistics 2021

Cybercrime has been on the rise for years now, and it is not showing any signs of slowing down. Indeed, the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 just fueled the situation, and the number of attacks is escalating. Here are important data breach statistics that can help you better understand the risk landscape for 2021.


What is data security breach? Examples and prevention

Many compliance standards focus on protecting individual personal information and sensitive data in a world rife with cyber-attacks and data breaches. Now, companies need to make their systems immune to digital intrusion and prepared to reduce the attack surface for strong information security measures around private information. Data breaches are becoming a norm through the more and more rapid transition of physical businesses to online businesses and more online activities.

Updated Cyber Security Fundamentals for Financial Services Organizations

The recent slate of breaches and regulatory actions has prompted many companies who had been doing the minimum in terms of proactive cyber risk management to rethink their approach. In the U.S., new regulations are emerging (for states like Virginia, Colorado, Massachusetts and many others), and existing regulators are increasing their enforcement, as we’ve seen by the NY Dept of Financial Services (NYDFS) and the SEC.


Biggest Data Breaches in Australia (Includes 2021 Attacks)

Data breaches in Australia are on the rise, particularly in the financial and healthcare industries. In an effort to DISRUPT this pernicious trend, the Australian government is revising its cybersecurity frameworks and policies to strengthen resilience against nation-state threat actors. But Australian businesses cannot solely rely on the government's cybersecurity initiatives. Even the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) admits that proposed security frameworks only raise the baseline of security.