Implement a Multi-layered Ransomware Defense Strategy

Ransomware. Nearly every day, we learn about another major attack on companies such as JBS, Kaseya, and Quanta, a key supplier to Apple. Along with the increase in attacks, recent reports have shown the average ransomware recovery cost skyrocketed to $1.85 million this year. And, as companies have become more willing to accept attackers’ ransom demands to restore their mission-critical operations, the average ransomware payment has jumped to more than $170,000.


Why Are Ransomware Attacks on the Rise?

Since the Colonial Pipeline incident in May 2021, the word “ransomware” has been circulating in public opinion and even in recent remarks from President Biden and law enforcement, along with warnings about how this type of advanced cyberattack on companies and individuals should be avoided.  But what exactly is ransomware? Why are we suddenly talking so much about it now?


Pegasus spyware slipping into mobile devices unnoticed. Time to take mobile security seriously.

An investigation titled the Pegasus Project by 17 media organizations and Amnesty International’s Security Lab uncovered that surveillance software from NSO Group purportedly used by governments to target criminal and terror suspects is actively being utilized to target journalists, activists and dissidents. As a result, the security industry has dubbed this, the Pegasus Spyware, which bears a remarkably similar resemblance to the recent spyware activity surrounding FinSpy.


Are You Prepared for the Surge in Ransomware?

Incidents of ransomware have been increasing and evolving steadily for years as financially motivated adversaries shift tactics when one is no longer profitable. Unfortunately, many organizations haven’t been able to adapt their security operations to keep up. Back in 2019, 60% of organizations told ESG that they experienced a ransomware attack that year, with 29% reporting that attacks happened at least on a weekly basis.


Protect Yourself from Powerful Pegasus Spyware

Note from the author: This write-up is meant to provide an overview on Pegasus, why you should be concerned, how Lookout can help protect you and what actions security admins should take. For additional information, please read our full technical report. Lookout Customers: If you believe your organization or one of your employees has been compromised by Pegasus, please reach out to our support team immediately.


US offers $10 million reward in hunt for state-sponsored ransomware attackers

The United States Department of State is offering a reward of up to $10 million for information leading to the identification of anyone, working for a foreign government, who participates in a cybercriminal attack against American critical infrastructure. The news of the reward comes at the same time as the White House announced it was setting up a ransomware task force following a series of high-profile attacks in the United States.