Wireless Security: Internet of Evil Things

Wireless Security: Internet of Evil Things

Oct 1, 2020
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We surveyed over 200 security professionals at the 2020 RSA conference to delve deeper into the dangers of rogue access points and understand how security professionals are tackling wireless security. Our data highlights their main concerns and the key trends from IT and network security professionals on the wireless security frontline.

Key findings in the 2020 Internet of Evil Things report:

  • Over half (53%) of respondents don’t know how many devices are connected to their network
  • Almost two thirds (69%) are not performing weekly security checks for malicious infections or known vulnerabilities
  • 61% say BYOD poses the biggest wireless threat
  • Almost three quarters (71%) believe their organization needs to do more to monitor and protect against rogue devices or access points
  • Over half (57%) said devices purchased in their organization aren’t cleared by security personnel
  • Only a third (33%) are confident that they could prevent a wireless/Wi-Fi attack

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