SANS Spotlight: Back to Basics

SANS Spotlight: Back to Basics

Aug 1, 2018

Applications depend on file-based architectures to process data and store content, as do the networks and endpoints that support these applications—placing file integrity at the heart of maintaining a secure cyber profile. But cybersecurity must also protect system integrity. This refers to the state of the infrastructure (encompassing applications, endpoints and networks).

This white paper, authored in partnership with the SANS Institute, lays out a six-step guide to help you achieve cyber integrity across your entire agency or organization. Learn the practical strategies needed to:

  • Establish the configuration baseline for your infrastructure
  • Determine the key files and processes you need to monitor your established baseline
  • Document your static and dynamic configuration monitoring procedures
  • Implement continuous vulnerability monitoring
  • Establish formal change management processes to evaluate requests and track outcomes
  • Establish training for your staff

Building cyber integrity is a significant effort. The Center for Internet Security (CIS) Critical Security Controls provide a valuable, effective framework for establishing cyber integrity, and the SANS Institute is the trusted industry leader whose expertise can help you use the CIS Controls to the fullest. Complete the form to the right and download your copy of this white paper.