How Your SOC Team Can Triumph With Tabletop Exercises

How Your SOC Team Can Triumph With Tabletop Exercises

Aug 19, 2020

Tabletop exercises are a proven, hands-on way to learn how your team will handle unforeseen cyber emergencies while also helping to clarify roles and responsibilities.

Although many existing online resources provide the basic elements of simulating a cyber incident, not as available is an understanding of what is required to experience true success.

This white paper shares five master tactics for winning at tabletop exercises, courtesy of Siemplify security operations experts who have personally performed these crisis preparation activities, uncovering secrets you may not have considered.

Read this white paper to discover, among other things:

  • The counterintuitive rules of exercise scope.
  • Revelations, beyond the obvious, that these training sessions will provide for your security team.
  • How automation can help you drill realistic scenarios and allow you to better measure your results and findings.