The DevOps Guide to Appsec

The DevOps Guide to Appsec

Oct 9, 2020
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Web app attacks remain the #1 vector exploited in successful breaches. With agile development, apps run the risk of creating new vulnerabilities or perpetuating old ones on a weekly, daily, even hourly basis, security and risk managers need to step up a programmatic response.

Fortunately there's a new, collaborative model for Appsec that organizations can operate in a mostly automated manner.

Download our useful DevOps guide and learn how best to operationalize security testing in an agile process:

  • Discover why security is the #1 challenge for DevOps
  • Review a collaborative model for DevSecOps and how to enforce policy with a cross-functional team
  • Ensure you choose the right security testing tools, at the right time, and test the right places
  • Don't be blind-sided. Understand the risk correlation between vulnerabilities in web apps and owned/cloud infrastructure that they run on