Cybersecurity for SMEs - applying a Data-centric lens

Cybersecurity for SMEs - applying a Data-centric lens

Sep 27, 2021

Cybersecurity is just another task – you just need the right tool for the job

For an SME, a data breach, or loss, is life or death. Large enterprises can invest in data security solutions before a cyberattack happens and spend the money afterward on ransoms, penalties, and fines. While the number of small businesses facing data breaches continues to rise, a majority of SME owners do not believe they will fall victim to a cyberattack. This mismatch in reality and perception is exposing the most vulnerable of us to unnecessary risk.

You will learn

  • Why this mismatch exists for SME owners and some basic facts
  • Why hackers (and some employees) are targeting small businesses
  • The challenges in education, relying on the cloud, and cyber-insurance
  • A proven and simple tool that builds security right into the data itself