Converging Platforms: How Do XDR, SIEM, and SOAR Compare?

Converging Platforms: How Do XDR, SIEM, and SOAR Compare?

Nov 1, 2021

Security information and event management (SIEM), security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR), and the newer extended detection and response (XDR) solutions have become the top choices for organizations wanting a unified view of activity within their IT environments.

By combining relevant data into single consoles, XDR, SIEM and SOAR technologies minimize the time analysts spend moving between platforms and make it easier to correlate the data and develop subsequent steps appropriately.

While all three technologies provide relief from the problems associated with multiple, disjointed security solutions, there are also potential drawbacks for each.

In the white paper, Converging Platforms: How Do XDR, SIEM, and SOAR Compare?, we examine each platform and identify key benefits along with important considerations, including:

  • The critical functions SIEMs and SOARs complete, but why they can be difficult to manage
  • Why XDR solutions continue to gain momentum
  • The merits of this relatively new approach compared to existing SIEM and SOAR solutions
  • Why XDR providers don’t all adhere to the same standards
  • What capabilities to look for when evaluating XDR solutions

Download this white paper today to understand the key differences between SIEM, SOAR and XDR in order to find the right approach for your organization.