The 5 Biggest Security Operations Trends Shaping Today's MSSP

The 5 Biggest Security Operations Trends Shaping Today's MSSP

Oct 12, 2020

While opportunity has never looked brighter for MSSPs, they are still under obligation to solve the very security challenges so many enterprises and SMBs count on them for, all while recognizing that each client environment requires unique attention. This is no easy feat, especially as competition grows and customer expectations become more exacting.

The 5 Biggest Security Operations Trends Shaping Today’s MSSP pulls back the curtains on this flourishing market to tackle the very technical puzzle pieces that drive the success of any MSSP: its ability to mitigate security risk for end-users in the age of digital transformation and organized cybercrime.

Read this practical guide to discover:

  • An expert and easily referenceable perspective on the five most pressing issues impacting MSSP’s ability to perform threat monitoring, detection and response.
  • The impact of COVID-19 and the work-from-home shift on security service provider priorities.
  • A breakdown of the next-generation technologies, including MDR, attempting to disrupt the traditional MSSP model.
  • Practical know-how on meeting customer expectations and delivering an optimal experience.
  • Glimpses into the role security automation can play to support overall security operations and incident response.