Uleska Security Metrics

Uleska Security Metrics

Apr 26, 2022

Let’s say you are a security engineer who’s running multiple security tools and you need to report on performance / security metrics on a frequent basis - continual improvement.

You know better than anybody that pulling insights from different tools, continually, and reporting on security metrics (types of issues, risk levels, or issue #) changing over time, takes you ages to do manually, and it’s difficult to automate across lots of tools and teams. Time is a constraint and speed is a must.

So how can we help you on this?

Uleska captures metrics as it runs all the tools and collects the results
It has built-in charts for overall risk, issues, and issue categories
It also shows progress for all your teams across sub teams you might have in different locations

Here’s the full documentation on this feature → https://www.uleska.com/docs/charts-and-metrics

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