Siemplify Security Operations SOAR Platform Tour For MSSPs

Siemplify Security Operations SOAR Platform Tour For MSSPs

May 16, 2022

Siemplify, now part of Google Cloud, is on a mission to re-envision managed security operations. Typical SOC challenges haven’t changed much over the years, it’s still the same familiar list – growing attack volumes, higher levels of threat sophistication, analyst skills and hiring gaps, and the need to quickly adapt. And despite best efforts, traditional, on-premises, siloed, in-house SOC models haven’t yet been able to break the code on how to solve these challenges.

MSSPs are uniquely poised to offer customers a new way to think about the SOC – from insights to risk reduction – to help with the maturity lifecycle for the enterprise. Regardless of your engagement model, you can leverage Siemplify to:

  • Differentiate in a competitive MSSP market. Stand out from the crowd with specialized offerings, branded portals, customizable business intelligence and dashboards, playbook library, and superior time-to-value for new customers.
  • Reach new markets. Grow revenue by creating new revenue-generating services and business models for untapped markets, customer maturity levels and technology stacks.
  • Improve customer retention. Keep customers coming back for more with proprietary playbooks that demonstrate your expertise, expanded visibility and transparency, improved collaboration and new offerings aligned to the customer’s security maturity growth.
  • Grow margins. Increase your profits with fast and easy customer onboarding, service a growing customer base without exponentially adding to your staff, and create repeatable and consistent services.
  • Maximize operational efficiency. Leverage inherent Siemplify platform efficiencies (multi-tenancy, grouping, visualization, ease of use) to scale efficiently as you add more customers for the price of one to two SOC analysts per year.

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