SecureOps On-Demand Demo

SecureOps On-Demand Demo

Jan 6, 2021

Audit, configure and secure your entire network with SecureOps

Watch this brief on-demand demo to see how you can get started in securing your IT environment with industry-approved foundational controls, intelligent change control and automation.

You'll learn how NNT SecureOps:

  • Reduces audit workload and automates continuous compliance and CIS system hardening
  • Ensures the essential security controls are in place, combined with the ability to validate the safety of all changes
  • Utilizes a unique blend of intelligent, layered security analysis technology, combined with integration and correlation of ITSM planned changes
  • Provides real-time detection and reduces the time it takes to detect threats and suspicious changes
  • Maintains the security and integrity of your entire network

Visit our SecureOps webpage to learn more: