NNT ITSM Integration for Cherwell

NNT ITSM Integration for Cherwell

May 20, 2019

NNT now offer intgeration with the world leading ITSM solutions from Cherwell to deliver Closed Loop, Change Control.

What this means is that approved Changes are validated automatically, with a full audit trail of what actually changed, and this all gets reconciled with your Change Requests.

We call this Change Control because any changes made outside of a Change Window are flagged as Unplanned Security Events, while changes made that align to a Change Request are separately highlighted as Planned and asigned to the request.

When you combine this with Change Tracker’s Intelligent Change Control™, repeated or recurring change patterns can be modeled and re-used to precisely ensure changes were implemented as expected.

With Change Control in place, change noise becomes muted. In turn this makes breach detection a precise and effective task, even exposing insider breaches and zero-day malware activity.