Intelligence Driven Threat Hunting with SOAR

Intelligence Driven Threat Hunting with SOAR

Jul 10, 2020

Most security teams face the same challenges when it comes to their ability to be proactive: skills shortages, lack of visibility into weaknesses and the incapacity of internal resources to detect and eliminate threats.

Cyberint’s new solution uncovers existing compromises, malicious activity, persistence, and residuals from past breaches with an intelligence-driven approach to hunt down threats. When managed threat hunting is combined with the power of security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR), organizations can obtain critical context about attacks in real-time, streamlining the response process.

Join us for this insightful webinar which will open your eyes to:

  • How managed threat hunting helps businesses be proactive about their security.
  • Why it’s critical to onboard managed threat hunting service at a time when global challenges like COVID-19 create business disruption and change organizations’ digital environments for months or years to come
  • The types of threats that can be discovered during a threat hunt – from active attacks to the remnants of past intrusions.
  • How leveraging SOAR technology can help automate hunts and better manage security incidents, from identification to remediation, through custom playbooks.