How to Speed Up Your Pipeline By Using Risk-based Security Decisions

How to Speed Up Your Pipeline By Using Risk-based Security Decisions

Sep 16, 2021

DevSecOps can automate risk-based decisions and speeds things up in the process. It also keeps developers and security teams sane by allowing them to focus on what needs fixing and not sweating the small bugs. But how can we get to such a state of peace, we hear you ask?

In this session, we’ll discuss how to quickly address risk in your AppSec program:

✅ Using your existing security tools and at the right stages of your pipelines
✅ By automating risk analysis methodologies such as the FAIR Institute

What you’ll learn:

👉 How to add a layer of cyber risk intelligence without interrupting current processes and pipelines
👉 How to perform the right security tests at the right stage in your pipelines and bring everything together for easy risk decisions
👉 How to catch important security issues and deal with them quickly
👉 How to apply risk to your existing security backlog to better prioritize which issues to fix

The speakers:

In this webinar, Gary Robinson (Uleska Founder and CEO, former OWASP Global Board member and DevSecOps expert) and Raquel Soares (Uleska Head of Marketing, formerly StackOverflow) will share their experience working with development and security teams. They’ll deep dive into why making decisions as automated as possible is not only an advantage but a critical success factor in DevSecOps.

An Application Security Automation Platform

Uleska helps security and development teams manage application security at scale by automating and orchestrating their preferred security tools within CI/CD.

With Uleska, teams can confidently start an AppSec program using open-source, commercial, and custom tools and then quickly change, add or scale tools as the technology and business needs evolve.

By bringing security, DevOps and development teams together, we help reduce manual tasks so application security takes less time, cost and can scale, allowing teams to focus resources on the issues and metrics that matter

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