How to approach DevSecOps Security Automation

How to approach DevSecOps Security Automation

Dec 3, 2021

DevSecOps encourages security tasks to be wrapped and enabled with software development and operations tasks. The aim is to make them as seamless as possible while adding security value - and not more work.

Identifying vulnerabilities is essential but it’s also time-consuming and often costly. Staples like CI/CD tools have seen widespread adoption, serving as a wake-up call for development teams about the genuine need for secure code at speed. How do companies and teams answer that call?

In this video Gary Robinson, Founder & CSO at Uleska, talks about four fundamental steps you should take to automate security:

✅ Finding your stride with security automation
✅ Aiming for a centralised security space
✅ Giving your team their valuable time back
✅ Considering the longevity of your security solutions

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