Penetration Testing


Physical Penetration Testing: Top 8 attack methods and tools (2021)

Physical penetration tests are meant to simulate real-world scenarios to help assess the vulnerabilities and risks that could compromise a company’s physical security. Specialists often carry them out in this field who know how to access sensitive information, bypass controls, intercept network traffic and EM waves and more! Physical penetration testing is a vital part of any company’s security.


How much does penetration testing cost?

Commissioning a penetration test is an important step in helping to enhance your organisation’s cyber security resilience. Pen testing costs vary from a few thousand pounds to several thousand more, so it’s essential to ensure that the pen testing you select enables you to achieve the best security outcomes from your budget.


Understanding Mobile Application Penetration Testing Methodologies

Mobile Application Penetration Testing Methodology as a security testing measure, analyses security perimeters within a mobile environment. Derived from the traditional concept of application security methodology, its main focus lies on client-side security and it broadly puts the end-user in control. By conducting penetration testing, companies can gain insights into the source code’s vulnerabilities, bottlenecks, and attack vectors beforehand.


Penetration Testing: A How-to Guide for Enterprises

Penetration testing is the cornerstone of any cyber security strategy, yet enterprises often don’t get an optimal outcome from their pen test engagements. In this blog I’ll be looking at the three main reasons behind this, and also suggesting an alternative way of working that could vastly improve security outcomes whilst also increasing business value.


What is Penetration Testing? Pen Tests Defined

Penetration testing, also known as “pen testing,” is an intentional, simulated cyberattack against your IT systems to find vulnerabilities and test the efficacy of cybersecurity controls. For example, penetration testers can use this tactic to improve web application security mechanisms such as firewalls. Pen testing might involve an attempt to breach access controls to gain access to a private network.


Automated Penetration Testing vs. Manual Penetration Testing

Many businesses are running remotely as a result of the latest COVID-19 pandemic. The 'new normal' has expanded the market for digital transformation initiatives and cloud migration strategies. However, according to Verizon's 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report, cybercriminals are taking advantage of enterprises' desperate digital transformation initiatives by developing new ways to target and exploit their web applications.

What does a penetration testing report look like? Why are reports so important?

The importance of pen test reports can't be undermined on the customer side. Moreso because makes the base for risk remediation activity that is a much bigger job than a pen test. Therefore, it is very important that pen test reports reflect the output of testing addressing different audiences (business and technical). What should a penetration test tell you? What is a pentest report? What to expect from a Penetration test report?