Project Description

Provisioning users, devices, and things is a repetitive and potentially time-consuming task that has a significant impact on security and user access. Ensuring the right access to the right service (or user, or device) is the essential step in Identity Management. It’s critical for you to correctly manage roles and entitlements assigned to users, devices, or things, based on your organizational need and structure (such as job function, title, and geography) and assign and remove entitlements and resources consistently and rapidly provided.

OpenIDM provides a responsive framework that can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments where it can:

  • Manage previously disparate data repositories, network applications, and user data stores anywhere in the infrastructure stack.
  • Use the ForgeRock Open Connector Framework and its flexible workflow engine to provision and assign relationships to users.
  • Easily customize and manage the registration and provisioning of users.


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Documentation: [README]