ZeroNorth Delivers "DevSecOps for Dummies" Book

ZeroNorth Delivers "DevSecOps for Dummies" Book

Boston, August 10, 2021 –– ZeroNorth, the only company to unite security, DevOps and the business for the good of software, today announced the publishing of DevSecOps for Dummies, ZeroNorth Special Edition book by Wiley publishing. The book informs enterprise organizations on the evolution of DevSecOps, an essential approach to modern software development and delivery, and explains why security is essential in that mix.

"If you ever wanted proof that 'the whole is more than the sum of its parts' you will find it as you integrate development professionals, security pros, and IT operations staff to put DevSecOps to work," said Ed Tittel, author of DevSecOps for Dummies. "This potent combination offers organizations the best chance to get the kind of ROI they're looking for in adopting modern, capable continuous integration and continuous deployment approaches and toolsets."

The book highlights how three different types of organizational activities: software development (Dev), application security (Sec), and IT Operations (Ops) – can be brought together and aligned in an effective manner. Additionally, the book outlines how to create a DevSecOps structure capable of empowering organizations to continually deliver secure software as quickly and efficiently as possible.

"Much like DevOps before it, the buzz around DevSecOps continues to grow, but there is little practical direction on how to begin a journey toward true DevSecOps," said John Worrall, CEO at ZeroNorth. "Add to this challenge the increased focus on cybersecurity after high profile hacks and the White House Executive Order, and a comprehensive resource on creating a structure that fully integrates Dev, Sec, and Ops, is quite valuable. We're excited to help customers understand how they can move towards a program that sees DevSecOps become reality."

DevSecOps for Dummies includes sections focusing on:

  • Finding DevSecOps Business Imperatives
    • Aligning Security and DevOps and Federating AppSec Responsibility

  • Point Tools Alone Can't Get You to DevSecOps
    • Bridging the DevOps / AppSec Gap

  • Finding Paths to True DevSecOps
    • Driving Towards Enterprise AppSec Visibility and Orchestrating Commercial AppSec Tools into CI/CD Pipelines

  • Assessing DevSecOps Maturity
    • Exploring DevOps, AppSec, DevSecOps Maturity Models

  • Tips Toward Dynamite DevSecOps ROI
    • How DevSecOps Boosts Security and DevOps ROI

You can read the new DevSecOps for Dummies book here: