Rezillion Enhances Software Supply Chain Platform to Expand Detection, Prioritization and Remediation Capabilities, Bypassing Traditional Software Composition Analysis (SCA) Tools

Rezillion Enhances Software Supply Chain Platform to Expand Detection, Prioritization and Remediation Capabilities, Bypassing Traditional Software Composition Analysis (SCA) Tools

(New York, NY) January 31, 2023 – – Rezilion announced today a series of new features that that will significantly enhance the company’s offering, with expanded capabilities across detection, aggregation, prioritization and remediation, further displacing traditional software composition analysis (SCA) tools on the market. 

With an increased reliance on third party vendors and open source code, companies are moving at a pace that requires real-time, continuous visibility and automation to detect security risks to create a secure software supply chain.

“The current market for software security tools is filling up patch pipelines with false positives and distracting from the real, exploitable vulnerabilities. Jamming developers with wasteful security work like this increases risk and inhibits companies’ ability to speed releases to market at the velocity their customers demand. With Rezilion, security teams can now be rest assured they are not only focusing on the most important vulnerabilities, but can automate the entire process from detection through remediation to limit the “fixing” burden on developers,” said Liran Tancman, Co-Founder & CEO of Rezilion. 

Enhancements Include:

  • Detection – Enhancements to analyze an organization’s entire software supply chain from dev to production, regardless of its existing environment or technology stack, plus 100% agentless deployment across a wide range of cloud providers to facilitate faster and more seamless usage of the platform toolset.
  • Aggregation – A single, centralized UI, enabling security teams to define and enforce security policies across the entire SDLC, aggregate scan results and intelligence feeds from a range of sources and environments, map these data points to SBOMs and take and track remediation actions for a variety of risks to dramatically improve ability to manage risk with speed and accuracy. 
  • Prioritization –  Integration of threat intelligence, including CISA exploitability, EPSS, and OSSF feeds plus expansion of the platform’s Next Generation Vulnerability Database, enhancing the accuracy of the platform’s prioritization capabilities, which help teams reduce remediation tasks and reduce IT, development, and DevOps workloads.
  • Remediation – Expanded smart remediation features, which will provide recommendations for the smartest fix both for security and operational risk, as well as automated remediation in Github actions, Gitlab, and Jenkins.

In analysis published today to Rezilion’s blog, the company’s vulnerability scanner was 15% more accurate at identifying existing vulnerabilities vs industry benchmarks (94% vs 82% average precision). While correctly identifying software vulnerabilities may offer some relief to organizations – bottom-performing tools in Rezilion’s analysis were shown to be as low as 46% accurate – precise detection is only one part of a comprehensive solution organizations need to address their software supply chain risk at scale.

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About Rezilion:

Rezilion’s software supply chain security platform automatically assures that the software you use and deliver is free of risk. Rezilion detects third-party software components on any layer of the software stack and understands the actual risk they carry, filtering out up to 95% of identified vulnerabilities. Rezilion then automatically mitigates exploitable risk across the SDLC, reducing vulnerability backlogs and remediation timelines from months to hours, while giving DevOps teams time back to build. 

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