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Siemplify SOAR for Anywhere Security Operations (NEW PLATFORM TOUR)

Ideas and behaviors are changing. A new model is emerging and the traditional way of operating your SOC is quickly becoming a thing of the past. The latest release of the Siemplify (now part of Google Cloud) Security Operations Platform has answered the call, propelling security operations to the “anywhere operations” era, where you can operate at scale – no matter where your security team is, at any time and in any capacity; automate workflows and free up your team to do more strategic work; and accelerate processes to drive more effective and timely response..

Siemplify Security Operations SOAR Platform Tour For MSSPs

Siemplify, now part of Google Cloud, is on a mission to re-envision managed security operations. Typical SOC challenges haven’t changed much over the years, it’s still the same familiar list – growing attack volumes, higher levels of threat sophistication, analyst skills and hiring gaps, and the need to quickly adapt. And despite best efforts, traditional, on-premises, siloed, in-house SOC models haven’t yet been able to break the code on how to solve these challenges.

Introduction to SOAR for the Age of Anywhere Operations

Siemplify, now part of Google Cloud, has completely revamped its SOAR platform to set you up with the building blocks you need – cloud infrastructure, automation, collaboration, and analytics – to take your response to the next level. As this promo reel shows, the Siemplify Security Operations Platform delivers relevant and impactful information front and center, improves collaboration among teams, makes building playbooks easier than ever before, and enables continuous investigation between Google Chronicle and Siemplify.

Talion: An MSSP SOAR Case Study from Siemplify

Talion, a U.K.-based MSSP, was operating multiple SIEM environments, facing alert overload, skills deficits and burned-out analysts. Here is the story how the Siemplify Security Operation Platform provided Talion with not only a way to counter an unsustainable caseload but also advanced capabilities that have allowed Talion to grow revenue through new offerings to clients, including collaboration and the ability to respond to alerts "on the fly."

Longwall Security Embraces the Power of Automation: Siemplify SOAR Case Study

U.K.-based MSSP Longwall Security turned to SOAR from Siemplify to expeditiously close hundreds of thousands of alerts and events, literally wowing customers and allowing its security experts to leave the menial work of to automation technology as its human experts hunt for threats and respond to active incidents. The Siemplify Security Operations Platform allows Longwall to outrival some of its largest competitors, even without a glamorous SOC and round-the-clock eyes on glass. Watch two of Longwall’s leaders tell their story.

Siemplify ThreatFuse: Some Things Just Go Better Together

Some things are just better together. Peanut butter and jelly. Beavis and Butthead. Security orchestration, automation & response (SOAR) and threat intelligence (TIP) platforms. But don’t settle for a good SOAR with a basic TIP, or a good TIP with a basic SOAR. Siemplify ThreatFuse, combines best-in-class SOAR and best-in-class TIP.