Siemplify: Debunking Cloud Security Myths

Siemplify: Debunking Cloud Security Myths


Cloud security is crucial for organizations wanting to move their digital transformation strategy forward. But as cloud security has evolved, it has spawned a flurry of unproven concerns and risks. How do you know what’s real – or what’s simply a distraction?

This webinar will demystify common cloud security myths, such as:

  • “The cloud is less secure than on-prem!”
  • “Single-tenant systems are more secure than multi-tenant!”
  • “Going multi-cloud is too complicated!”
  • “Cloud costs will be higher than on-prem!”

This session will also explore how security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) can help you push your cloud security strategy ahead.

Join this webinar and discover how you can:

  • Build dynamic playbooks for cloud security alerts.
  • Remediate and manage threats with speed and precision.
  • Bridge cloud and on-prem security operations.
  • Get up and running faster than ever before.