Siemplify: Build SOAR Playbooks like a Pro!

Siemplify: Build SOAR Playbooks like a Pro!


Playbooks can make life easier – streamlining manual and inconsistent processes, slashing investigation and response times, and giving you the freedom to focus on threats that matter.

However, building playbooks the right way takes finesse. Coding, troubleshooting, optimizing and testing requires some know-how and practice.

Join this insightful webinar to discover best practices and how to:

  • Get started building playbooks for common use cases such as phishing and ransomware.
  • Easily create, edit and update playbooks with simple drag/drop and copy/paste capabilities.
  • Scale and maintain your playbook library with lifecycle management, analytics, reusable blocks, version control and rollback.
  • Simulate your playbook safely in a pre-production environment to confidently deploy error free.