Humio: Optimize Threat Hunting and Incident Response

Humio: Optimize Threat Hunting and Incident Response


Hear how Pondurance uses real-time log data to help their customers mitigate security threats and quickly get to the root cause to minimize the impact of a breach.

Businesses are taking advantage of digital transformation in an attempt to increase agility and decrease infrastructure costs. These efforts often come at a cost: a larger, more complex security attack surface at a time when cybercrime is pervasive, regulations and guidelines are constantly changing, and resources are extremely limited. The unknown future of work, remote access requirements, and transactional environments add to the complexity and risk.

Organizations need to be prepared for the unknown by having access to live log data at scale without significantly impacting budgets. This allows them to quickly identify security threats, minimize recovery time, and protect against further attacks.

During this workshop participants will learn:

  • What steps can be taken to proactively prepare for the unknown, to identify issues, discover the root cause, mitigate any damage, and prevent it from happening again.
  • How to avoid gaps of complete system observability by logging all of your data.
  • What tools and resources to consider when designing a strong security program.
  • Strategies for capturing and using data that is essential for business resilience.
  • How Pondurance is using streaming log data to detect and mitigate cyberthreats.
  • How Pondurance helps their customers with threat hunting and incident response.
  • How the Pondurance TH+R platform works, including pivots and data functions.