Humio: Enable your Cyber Defense Team to Rapidly Detect Emerging Threats

Humio: Enable your Cyber Defense Team to Rapidly Detect Emerging Threats


Integrate SOC Prime’s threat detection rules with Humio’s streaming log management to deliver live insights and increase system and data resilience.

A high performance security monitoring platform is critical for effective cyber defense. However a SIEM, or any other monitoring tool, can only be as good as the rules with which it is configured.

For most organizations a rapid response to new threats and the deployment of effective detection rules is a real challenge. Threats are persistent 24 x 7 from anywhere in the world and most organizations lack sufficient levels of expertise and resources to keep up. New threats have to be identified, analyzed and understood before new detection rules can be created and deployed. For every cyber defense team it’s a race to deploy the right detection rules before the next attack is launched.

In addition to the rapid deployment of new detection rules, there’s an added complexity for teams to continually manage and optimize their rule sets. This is key to ensuring visibility into effective detection coverage and to avoid duplication which can create a false sense of security and generate inefficiencies in security operations teams. Humio and SOC Prime can help enable your team with the continuous security intelligence and real-time data needed to keep your systems and data safe.

During this workshop you will learn:

  • How a high performance security content management platform can improve your cyber defenses and operational efficiency
  • How to rapidly deploy detection rules to your SIEM for new and emerging threats
  • How to answer questions like ‘will our SIEM detect this new threat?’ and ‘what’s the effective coverage offered by our SIEM rules’
  • Tips for managing SIEM rule audits
  • How to prioritize development of new detection rules