ForgeRock: Modernizing the Digital Citizen Experience

ForgeRock: Modernizing the Digital Citizen Experience


How to Support a Unified, Cross-Agency Experience While Reducing Risks and Costs with IAM

Citizens can be frustrated when their digital government services don't match their private sector online experiences. Yet, many states struggle to provide a high quality, low-friction user experience due to disconnected agencies and siloed IT systems. So, why don't states unite to offer a single, secure "digital front door" across all state agencies?

It’s time to modernize identity and access management (IAM) to provide frictionless, omnichannel citizen experiences across agencies while improving security and reducing costs. In fact, the U.S. Federal Government has allocated matching dollars for up to 90% of implementation costs.

Join Mary Wrtiz, VP Product Management, ForgeRock and Mike Wyatt, Principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP Government and Public Service Digital Identity practice as they discuss:

  • Examples and leading practices of how modern IAM can help improve citizen experiences, trust and engagement.
  • How to mitigate risks and reduce costs with capabilities such as automation and self service.
  • Actionable next steps for state government entities planning for constituent-enabling digital transformation services
  • Why change management is critical to drive adoption, and how to market digital identity services to constituents.
  • How to access federal matching dollars for digital identity implementation costs.

Join us for this 60 minute webinar.