Six Obstacles to Successful DevOps

Six Obstacles to Successful DevOps

Jan 1, 2020

In today’s enterprises, software is your company’s everyday face, whether through the desktop, the cloud, or a mobile device, to all parts of the globe.

Cars are computers on wheels. Thermostats are data terminals. Banks live in your phone.

In this new world, software updates serve customer’s demands. Each one you deliver is your opportunity to renew — or, if botched, destroy — their trust. How can you make every update top-notch at top speed?

That’s why DevOps is important for your organization. When you speed the delivery of quality software, customers get what they clamor for, and you can respond rapidly to shifts in market demand.

DevOps speeds the delivery of quality software by reducing friction as it moves between stages and stakeholders for testing, evaluation, and release. Identifying and resolving these pain points forges successful DevOps.

A binary repository manager can help keep those builds moving. It stores your artifacts, but keeps information about them too, reducing uncertainty and enabling your automation tools to run freely and fast.

These six obstacles to speedy release are typically faced in software delivery pipelines. A binary repository manager can help resolve them, for swift, constant updates from code to customers.