Modernizing the Insurance Industry with IAM

Modernizing the Insurance Industry with IAM

Jan 1, 2021

In today’s digital era, the insurance industry faces growing pressure on two fronts. First, firms must meet rising consumer expectations for a more modern, seamless, and convenient way of doing business. This includes unified access across products, a faster claims process, and greater transparency about data security and privacy. Second, established insurers must keep pace with innovations introduced by “insurtechs,” including more personalized products, usage-based coverage, increased automation, and the ability to collect and analyze greater volumes of data more quickly.

To meet the demands listed above and more requires that insurance firms deploy modern infrastructure to enable digital transformation.

But how can insurance firms support existing infrastructure while modernizing? How can firms provide differentiated offerings and better user experiences? What security and privacy implications are there?

Get the answers to these important questions by reading Modernizing the Insurance Industry with Digital Identity.

This ebook examines six key areas of focus for infrastructure modernization in the insurance industry:

Personalized experiences, including new service models, personalized products, and unified access

Robust privacy and consent controls to facilitate compliance while enabling third-party data sharing to create value-added services

Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to capture new data streams while ensuring security

Ecosystems across companies and technologies to enable “insurtech” partnerships and integrations

Cyber-risk and governance measures to control and protect data across diverse devices and extended ecosystems

Cloud resources to increase speed, flexibility, scale, and the transition away from outdated legacy systems

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