Complete Guide to Container Security

Complete Guide to Container Security

Oct 1, 2018

The explosive growth of containers is not surprising—technologies such as Docker alleviate several problems for developers deploying applications. But this model of packaged services, where the environment is designed to treat each container as a “unit of service,” sharply reduces transparency and audit-ability, and gives security pros nightmares. We run more code and faster—but must accept a loss of visibility inside the container.

The burden of securing containers falls across Development, Operations, and Security teams—but none of these groups always knows how to tackle their issues. They may not even be fully aware of the security problems they face, as security is typically ignorant of the tools and technol¬ogies developers use, and developers don’t always know what risks to look for.

This Securosis guide addresses these challenges head-on and gives you the guidance you need to secure containers without grinding the ship to a halt. Download and learn about:

  • The need for container security
  • Threats to containers
  • Securing the build pipeline and container contents
  • Runtime security
  • Monitoring and Auditing
  • Tripwire’s perspective along the entire development cycle

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